Haven Spiritual Sanctuary 


Starwheel by Aby

“A Neo-Spiritual Way of Life.”

Our Mission

Our Mission is foremost to be a sanctuary and encourage our ministers to be of service by promoting our sustainable and neo-spiritual way of life. As part of our spiritual expression we work with universal core truths to explore self-development and global sustainability one person and one community at a time.We embrace all beliefs and cultures, for we are all brothers and sisters of the planet earth.

Company Overview

Currently a registered non-profit spiritual organization with the State of Texas. We are a Sanctuary in it’s strictest sense. Words like church, and temple limit our understanding of our global nature. We are all sisters and brothers of the world able to extend our hands out through science and spirituality to help, nurture and make a difference.

What is a Neo-Spiritual way of life? 

A Neo-Spiritual way of life embodies and respects all aspects of being; Body, Mind and Spirit. We facilitate a balance between historical reverence, modern innovation and spiritual expression, allowing for a way of living sustainably by being in tune with the earth. This is a soul truth we all recognize.

Our sanctuaries offer a safe place to freely explore and share spiritual knowledge, self-development and communal sustainability, recognizing that we are all awakening to this deep spiritual calling.

To be ‘Neo-Spiritual’ is to embrace life as a large living system constantly connected to each other, Earth and Spirit.

 “All Worlds Are One in the Heart.” – Haven Truth

Important Links:

Official Site: http://haven-int.org/

Facebook Page: facebook.com/HavenInternational

Twitter Pagehttps://twitter.com/HavenSpiritual

Pintrest Page: http://pinterest.com/havenspiritual/pins/

Tumblr Page: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/havenspiritualsanctuary

Spirit Chronicles Web-Zine: spirit-chronicles.org

Spirit Chronicles Facebook Page: facebook.com/spiritchronicles

Sound Cloud Pod Castshttps://soundcloud.com/spirit-chronicles

A Special Thank You to Tesophotography for the beautiful Video

Company profile for Haven International.

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